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The only criterion for membership is a score at or above the 99th percentile level on a qualifying and valid supervised test of intelligence.

Applicants may
a) pay the application fee ($10) by Paypal (see 'Pay Now' button below) and send application and proof of test score (see required scores listed below) by e-mail or post (the office will be able to identify who has paid using Paypal) or
b) alternatively send payment using the form below with your name, address, and evidence of a qualifying test score or other appropriate documentation to:
Intertel Acceptance Committee
PO Box 5518
Douglasville, GA 30154
Email Intertel Office
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Lapsed Members please click here for details of how to rejoin.

Members seeking to RENEW please click here for prices.

Please note; European versions of tests that Intertel accepts can have different scores/percentiles than the American versions. The scores listed on our website only apply to the American versions. The percentile is the important criterion. Intertel will accept Mensa percentile reports as qualifying evidence.
Prospective members can send a copy of their Mensa test results report that specifies a 99 percentile (regardless of the numerical score) as their qualifying evidence for membership in Intertel.

More information here about joining American Mensa®, joining Mensa in the UK and joining other national Mensas.

We understand current members of American Mensa® who tested between April 1, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2010 can request their raw test scores from American Mensa's® Admissions Manager at no charge. We further understand lapsed members and past Offers of Membership will pay a $15 fee for their score report. A chart interpreting the raw scores is available at Mensans who incur a fee to obtain their test scores will receive a discount on their first year's dues if they use those scores to join Intertel.

RENEWAL PAYMENT OPTIONS are now available through Paypal.

Membership Dues

Potential new members please use our standard Intertel Application Form (right click image/save/print/mail)

Intertel Application Form

With your application, you should enclose evidence of a qualifying score on a standard supervised test of intelligence. This evidence cannot be returned to you, but legible photocopies are acceptable. If the scores are maintained by a university or other service that cannot provide the results directly to you, request that they forward the evidence to this Committee, and attach a copy of your request to your application.

Please do not ask us to obtain the evidence for you. It is your responsibility to provide it to the committee.

Any test score you submit will be kept completely confidential.

Intertel does not provide testing services. If you have no evidence, and believe that you might qualify for membership, a supervised test may be given by a local university, psychological clinic, or private psychologist. Before taking such a test, please be sure it is one of those accepted by Intertel (see below)

You will be notified of the results of the Acceptance Committee's evaluation of your application. If you are found to be eligible for membership, you will be invited to join by sending in the dues payable for the current year. If you have any questions, write to the Acceptance Committee at the address given.

NOTE: No self-administered tests will be accepted.


ACT (until 1989) 99%
Army General Classification Test (AGCT or GT) 145
Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) 99%
California Test of Mental Maturity IQ 137
Cattell (Culture Fair) IQ 140
Cattell Culture Free (Test 2B) 39
Cattell Culture Free (Test 3A) 35
Cattell (Verbal) IQ 156
Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 99%
Concept Mastery Test 135
Figure Reasoning Test 99%
GMAT 99%
GRE (combined verbal and math, prior to 5/94) 1300
GRE (combined verbal, math, & analytical,
Between 5/94 and 9/02) 1950
GRE (verbal only, effective 10/02) 740
IST-2000R 99%
Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test 135
Law School Admission Test (1994-present) 172
Law School Admission Test (1984-1993) 41 or 99%
Law School Admission Test (pre 1983) 694
Lorge-Thorndike 142 or 99%
Mensa Tests passed in the top 1 percentile (see above)
Miller Analogies Test 74 or 99%
Naglieri Non-Verbal Assessment Test (NNAT) 99%
Navy Classification Test (1954-present) 68
Navy Classification Test (1948-1953) 74
Navy Classification Test (1942-1943) 88
Otis-Alpha 143
Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test 138
Otis-Lennon School Ability Index 138
PSAT (through 5/31/1993) 99%
Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices IQ 135
Reynolds Intellectual Assessment 135
Scholastic Aptitude Test through 1/31/1994
Combined verbal and math) 1300
Schubert General Ability Battery 145
Slosson Intelligence Test - Revised 138
Stanford-Binet (Form L-M) IQ 137
Stanford-Binet (SB5) IQ 135
Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI-3) IQ 135
Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC, WAIS, WPPSI) IQ 135
Wonderlic Personnel Test 38
Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities 135


LAPSED MEMBERS who wish to rejoin should contact office manager Linda Woodhead to find out the current prorated dues and to let her know of their wish to renew their membership. On receipt of the rejoining fee (currently discounted to $1) and dues the rejoining member's entry in the database will be amended to reflect their new status. Fees and dues can be paid by credit card over the phone to accelerate the process of reinstatement, while applicants with a Paypal account can be invoiced directly. Once again, the office contact information;

Office Manager
Intertel, Inc.
PO Box 5518
Douglasville, GA 30154
Email Intertel Office


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