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Other High-IQ Societies

Mensa International and American Mensa, 98th percentile.
Sigma Society, 98th percentile.
Top One Percent Society (TOPS), 99th percentile.
Colloquy, 99.5th percentile.
Poetic Genius Society, 99.5th percentile.
Infinity International Society (IIS), 99.63th percentile.
Cerebrals, 99.7th percentile.
The Glia Society, 99.9th percentile.
The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), 99.9th percentile.
The IQuadrivium Society, 99.9th percentile.
One-in-a-Thousand Society, 99.9th percentile.
Triple Nine Society, 99.9th percentile.
sPIqr Society, 99.98th percentile.
Prometheus Society, 99.997th percentile.
Ultranet, 99.997th percentile.
PI Society, 99.9999th percentile.

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