Norm Dickinson

Norm is an old-school computer guru, working on computers since 1979. He currently operates a one-man IT services company ( in his spare time, serving a few dedicated business clients, and acting as the single point of contact for all of their IT needs. He formerly owned and operated a computer sales and service shop with 17 employees that featured state-wide, same-day service within Maine. With a knack for solving complex problems within complicated networked environments, Norm has worked with a wide range of clients, from paper mills to government agencies, and from private homes to Fortune 100 data centers. With Microsoft experience ranging from DOS to the latest Windows flavor, and hardware experience ranging from Data General MV-8000 and microcomputers starting with the Epson QX-10 and Radio Shack TRS-80, Norm has worked on everything from 8086 processors with cassette tape storage, to the latest generation Dell servers and custom-built Intel- and AMD-based workstations.

With hobbies ranging from scenic drives, building servers, spending time at the beach with his rather Jetson-esque pet, Bubo (a DJI Spark video drone, named after Athena’s Owl), helping other people solve their problems, Norm still finds time to explore the digital frontier and cutting edge business environments. A digital currency enthusiast, Norm has been involved in cryptocurrency since early 2014 and he is a wealth of knowledge on all things blockchain.

Born in February of 1966, Norm is a Fire Horse by Eastern Astrology and an Aquarius by Western Astrology, giving him some unique characteristics and a rare balance that creates a calm, independent and steady determination in all that he chooses to pursue.

Norm grew up in a general store, living above it with full access to the store, night and day. There were no limits placed upon him, so he grew big and strong because he was allowed to eat whatever his body told him he needed. He grew up smart because he had all kinds of complex tasks to accomplish, even as a child. Stocking coolers or marking the prices on the tops of cans were early activities at his house, at an age when he was not yet old enough for preschool.

At age 9, Norm’s dad, Norm, helped to organize a local volunteer fire department, and Norm was involved in that work for the next decade, until he became married. Growing up on the fire department, there were strict limits as to what he could help with at such an early age. Grass fires and cleanup were the major excitement, but at age 15, as soon as he obtained his drivers’ license (about three months after turning 15) he was allowed to drive the fire truck to any fire that it was called for. Being the first one to the fire truck was the only determining factor as to who drove it, so having a fast car would certainly help get one there first, and Norm had the fastest car on the block – a 1969 Chrysler New Yorker with a 440 cubic inch monster under the hood. Wow – fire trucks and old cars, but wait…Norm was also hired by the local furniture company that same week, given the job of driving the 26’ furniture truck around the state, dropping off huge amounts of furniture along the way. All at age 15. (So, to put it lightly, Norm is pretty comfortable behind the wheel.)

Married at age 20 (and divorced by 24), Norm has had many ups and downs along the way. Currently residing in central Maine, he enjoys the life of a free-spirit, dabbling in many different disciplines in order to fully enjoy life and fully explore his skill set, all the while looking for that big opportunity. Meanwhile, I’m doing a little of each of the following:

The Maine Guru (
The Maine Guru offers commercial and industrial computer services on a dispatch or SLA basis.

TQF.US Computer Services (
IT Service Company (one man show)

Maine Concrete Waterproofing, Inc. (
Concrete Waterproofing Company (CEO/sole shareholder)

UBER Driver

Registered Individual Caregiver in the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program

IT Dispatch Work for three particular platforms:

Outside Sales for Combined Management, Inc., a local PEO / Professional Employer Organization (
Independent consultant for business and industry on a wide range of topics.

As of the summer of 2017, Norm's favorite TV show is definitely "I Dream of Jeanie!"




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