Renée Szostek

        I am delighted to join Intertel!

        Like most Intertel members, I realized that I was smarter than everyone else at an early age :-) I was a verbally precocious child, and could read, tell time, and tie my shoes when I was only four years old. When I was six years old, and in first grade, I could read at fourth grade level. When I was eleven years old, and in sixth grade, I could already read at college level. I spent most of my time in elementary school helping my classmates learn to read, as I was always in both the highest reading and math groups, and was the best reader in my class and grade. Sometimes, I even assisted the teacher by grading the math and spelling tests. I learned to read music and play the piano when I was five, and began studying a foreign language and playing chess when I was nine. I also served my elementary school as a safety monitor, edited the newspaper for my Girl Scout troop and for one of my elementary school classes, and won a couple of essay contests. I excelled at everything academic, although I did not distinguish myself by my athletic abilities. Nevertheless, I took swimming lessons every summer, and swam across a lake that was over a mile long. This was rather frightening for me, as I was extremely nearsighted, perhaps as a result of being an avid reader.

        I attended an art camp in junior high, and received an award for some of my drawings. My junior high art instructor kept one of my artistic creations to show to the other students as an example of excellence. I received a Division I ranking, which is the best, for my piano solo at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival. I played the clarinet in both the symphonic and marching bands in high school, and was a member of both the Sophomore and Senior Class Councils. While in high school, I studied calculus, took a class in computer programming, and studied a foreign language for four years. I received a score in the 99th percentile on the reading portion of the Stanford Test of Academic Skills when I was in junior high, and a composite score of 30 on the ACT in high school. I was a National Merit Commended Student, a delegate to the National Junior Achievement Conference when I was only a sophomore, and received a score of 740, which is in the 99th percentile, on the verbal portion of the GRE.

        In college and graduate school, I played in a variety of bands and orchestras, including a hand bell choir and a recorder ensemble, sang in several choirs, including an opera chorus, wrote for various newspapers and literary journals, displayed my artwork at a few art shows, was both an IBM Engineering Co-op Student and an IBM Summer Pre-Professional student, had summer internships at The Upjohn Company (now a part of Pfizer) and Brookhaven National Laboratory, traveled to observe a total solar eclipse, and studied abroad in Europe.

        I play a variety of musical instruments including the piano, harpsichord, carillon, clarinet, flute, recorder, and classical guitar, and am a member of a few alumni band groups. I have also studied several foreign languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Italian. In addition, I have published research papers in scientific journals such as Biochimica et Biophysica Acta and Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Recently, I have also published my creative writings in various literary journals.

        I am an alumna of many universities, and have won several scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships. I am also a member of Mensa and several honor societies, including Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Mortar Board, Golden Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, The Order of the Engineer, and Gamma Theta Upsilon. In addition, I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Alpha Chi Sigma.




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