Three Interesting Careers

1st Career - Cavalry officer and pilot in the Army Aviation- fighting during four years in Vietnam against communism - gravely wounded - leaving the Army soon as a Captain.

2nd Career - Photographer of an illustration agency in Paris - medal of silver of an international contest - cultural audio-visual programs maker, specialized in Far East countries - lecturer - chosen and commissioned by UNESCO to realize a program on the Culture of Oceania - on this occasion, discovery of the 'boomerangs' and 'throw-sticks' as weapons of the Australian aborigines for fowling, hunting, fighting - a perilous wreck by night in the Pacific Ocean.

3d Career - Research and study of the boomerang around the world, visiting museum's collections and clubs, writing a book and articles for magazines, delivering lectures for universities, museums, general public interviewed, founding two national clubs in France, competing, organizing international competitions, creating famous sports models, what led me gradually to be regarded as 'The greatest authority on boomerangs in the world' ( Jack Byham, president of the Boomerang Association of Australia ) - 'A fantastic historian and author on the subject' ( Chet Snouffer, president of the US Boomerang Association )

Invited by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, I had the unique privilege of having in hands to study them, some objects found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun - there were 16 boomerangs among them - I related their history in a new book. Invited at Cape Canaveral by the NASA and astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, I attended Atlantis shuttle launching, taking off four of my boomerangs to study of their behavior in micro-gravity

In three months, after having doubled Cape Horn at the wheel of a schooner, Cape of Good Hope piloting a small aircraft, flying around Cape Leeuwin in Australia, I could have flights of honor of a boomerang at the three Southern Capes to the memory of great navigators and, particularly, La Perouse whose behavior was remarkable as well in America during the Independence War as when leading an expedition around the world and in Australia where he was the first Frenchman to stay, in the 18th century.

At the request of the '20th Century Fox', on the occasion of the first presentation of the movie 'Crocodile Dundee', creation of a small cardboard boomerang able to fly at one to three meters and perfectly returning - thousands of this model were made - I had some thrown and caught in exceptional conditions like in 'Concorde' beyond the Sound Barrier, aboard a B-17 'Flying Fortress' and a C-47 'Dakota' flying, aboard an Australian submarine, thrown a day and caught the day before after having crossed the date-line over the Pacific Ocean.

Invited to join the Aircraft Carrier USS 'Enterprise' out at sea, landing on the deck and before leaving it catapulted, I enjoyed seeing the Commanding Officer throwing and perfectly catching one of my small indoor boomerangs after I had shown him how to manage - same thing happening with the Captain of Australian HM Bark Endeavour, James Cook's replica, aboard which I was sailing - many other fascinating feats could be mentioned, always connected with the flight and return of a boomerang, the most surprising aeronautical object, rich in symbols.

"Dieu et mon Roy" as if I was living in the 18th Century, I believe in God and Providence. Providence who provided me with many fascinating occasions of doing and at least eight times, up to now, just avoided me to be killed or to die in critical circumstances. Providence made me meet through the boomerang some Europeans, Australians, Americans who are today exceptional friends, and twice in Paris, on the occasion of diners in state, American Steve Fossett who had a boomerang with him for his record of the first non-stop flight around the world alone in a balloon - he was certainly the greatest sportsman of all times, for whom I have great admiration - Is it Providence which permitted me to join Intertel, in 1971?

Now the only question I have to answer is : " Why and what am I still living for?" I think that it is to create an unprecedented cultural center of a high level, devoted to Boomerangs and Flying-Sticks History, image of an alliance between beauty and culture, artistically conceived with a unique Pharaoh burial chamber, ready to be set up with a person or an institution interested in its exploitation, who will inherit it.

Chevalier of the Legion of Honor for exceptional War Services - Honorary Naval Aviator of the US Navy - Honorary president of the La Perouse Boomerang-Club of France - Aero-Club of France - Complimentary member of the US Boomerang Association - Society of Geography - Medal of Gratitude of Lyons Town 1944

I loved sports, enjoying skiing, riding, jumping, stag-hunting, flying in the past; yachting, bicycling now, boomerang throwing for a long time - occasionally, breeding a baby-bear suckling him with a feeding bottle up to he is like a gentle dog on the leash following me everywhere, in my car or flying in a plane.




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