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A freewheeling forum of folks who will discuss anything, question everything, including authority, and believe that "Truth as Points of View, Driven From Any Other Place, Shall Find Refuge Here."

What to expect if you decide to join Top1

Welcome to Top-1, the Intertel email discussion list. To maximize the possibility of your enjoying this list, the first thing you must do is abandon any shred of preconception about what a high-IQ email list “should” look like. Top1 does not have rules. Top1 does not even have guidelines. There is no structure or format. Top1 is a truly free-form forum. Where virtually any topic is fair game. Where you are free to introduce your own unique flavor to the list.

Which is infinitely preferable to writing a complaint that the list “doesn't have what *you* want”. If it “doesn't have what you want”, that just means you haven't put it there yet. Nobody else is going to put it there for you. Top1 is not a place where whining is honored or encouraged.

Intertel membership is about as varied as it gets, as respects personal outlooks and styles. Amazingly, all these disparate personalities do a pretty good job of getting along and discussing even contentious subjects like politics. It all gets paraded past us eventually on Top1; a rich panoply of ideas. The list is a very effective way of learning the lesson that just because we may all do well on I.Q. tests, that does not mean we all think alike.

Not only learning it, but more importantly for our collective mental health, *accepting* it.

We have a lot of fun with Top1, and a lot of vigorous and spirited discussion, but most of us don't really take it very seriously. While there are no rules, there are some accumulated expectations, foremost among which might be that we are expected to defend our ideas, not just blurt them and run away, and we are expected to grasp that when someone criticizes our political opinions, that does not usually constitute a personal attack. Personal attacks are generally not considered good form, but when they're launched, their targets may often respond in kind. That's just human nature, and only saints can resist it.

And again, of course, whining is not encouraged. Nor honored... no whining graphicFor another article about Top1 please visit Kort Patterson's article at this address
We hope you will enjoy your participation on Top1. Consider lurking for a while to give yourself a feel for the general flavor. Don't make the mistake of assuming that what you see the first day will be anything like what you see on the 8th day. Sit back and skim the serious discussions, the recipe exchanges, the political squabbling, and the cartoons and puns. When you're ready, post almost anything you choose. The only kind of post that may be risky is one where you criticize top1 because it isn't meeting your expectations. That's because the list is not going to change in response to your criticism, so your criticism is, in the end, pointless. And pointless criticisms of the list, and by extension the people that make up the list, may produce heated responses.

Just have fun with it. That's what most of us do.

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