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Here is a listing of some of our members' published work. Most of the pictures will link to where you can purchase the item online.

If you are an Intertel member and wish to have your work included on this page, please contact the Webmaster.

Martin Cordsmeier

Bill Ward

Remembering Vietnam Bill Ward and family









Rudy Apodaca

PursuitForeWord Magazine 2003 Book of the Year Awards Top 10 Finalist, 2004 Independent Publisher Book Awards Top 5 Finalist




Also by Rudy Apodaca

A Rare Thing





Jason Cannon

Fine art and design

Jason specializes in art with a twist. From his visual essays comprised of thousands of 'hidden' words... to mind-bending optical illusions... to renderings of impossible objects. His work has appeared in numerous publications and books, and several projects are in the works.

Available for book & album covers and other illustration work. Special discount to fellow Intertel members.

Marie Faverio

Marie's creative output, books of poetry, books on aphorisms, a book of fairy tales, puzzle books, books on research, her art in the form of calendars and collections, this together with her many CDs... it's so large she needs a page all to herself - and luckily, she has one at !

Mick Fulton

Mick FultonI am a singer/songwriter and peg my style somewhere between Croce and Kristofferson. Click through to my web site and choose from over 50 original songs. E-mail your comments to MICK.



Bill Koelzer

Internet Marketing in Real Estate Internet Marketing in Hospitality

Mitzi Christiansen Kuehl

Sphinx Hijinks is a 180-page large format (8.5 x 11) book of puzzles and wordplay. The cost is $20.00 with $3.00 shipping and handling within the United States. It can be obtained by mail order at: 132 Glen Oaks Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93309-2556.

Susan Nigro

Bass Nightingale Two Contras The Big Bassoon

Little Tunes for the Big Bassoon New Tunes for the Big Bassoon

Kort Patterson

Kort has several e-books available for purchase through Overall Technology's website.

Kort also has ''Escape from the Earth'' available through Amazon as a Kindle edition and any day now also in the print-on-demand format.

Escape from the Earth

Scott Powers

Here's Looking at You Autographed copies of this book are available through Scott Powers Studios, Inc..

Robert Rose-Coutre (pen-name Lytton Kavez)

D.M. Rosner

Don't Forget to Write! Dead Promises The Writing Group Book

Pierre-Alexandre Sicart

The following listings are on

Extrême-Orient Il était une Fée

Yolanda Martin


Samples above are of Yolanda's computer digital art. Her website, where more can be seen, is at
Yo is a member of the Phoenix Artists Guild and Arizona Artists Guild.
Yolanda writes poetry and articles for the Intertel Integra and Phoenix Mensa Newsletters. The Phoenix Mensa MAAM Newsletter has an article Yo wrote on page 16: "You Are An Artist". That issue, by coincidence, also has on its cover Intertel Member John Herrmann with his new bride.

Norm Mason

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